Becoming Poison Ivy: Seeing Red

The Poison Ivy cosplay I’m working on is loosely based on a particular version of the toxic vixen inked in the Batman Detective Comics. I made a skirt for my version though. I’ll also stray from Fabok’s rendition by wearing paten leather boots laced with ivy and maybe face stuff. My face makeup test will be this weekend. I adore Jason Fabok’s rendition of Poison Ivy in “Unnatural Selection.” Ivy rocks in this story. Batman is tangled in her vines for most of the story.


Tonight I experimented with my hair. I had contemplated actually dying my hair red to pull her look off, but decided I don’t want to have red hair in San Diego. I found this Color Fiend temporary color in cherry red and I think it’s a go! It will not be as vibrant as it should be, but it will work. It washed out tonight, looked natural and soft (not like my Harley Q hair last year), and once the color dried…I was able to curl it. It’s a go!! This was one package. Imma need like 20!!!


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