Why Real Sexy Women Lift!

Nice one coach!!!
I hit it on the regz.
Addicted to the iron.
Now that is true love!

Coach Toloza's Blog of Awesomeness

BatmanWomenLiftsA woman who lifts is a woman who has confidence and drive. This may be biased coming from me since I do this for a living but
you need to realize the mental fortitude and type of character women who lift emit to understand why many men consider these types of women “real.”

Some guys are saying, “Austin, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t want to be dating a woman who can squat me on a daily basis.” I can hear some ladies say, “ NO! Cardio and Abs! Cardio and Abs! Yoga, Yoga, Yoga and Lululemon discounts!”

If you are a fellow who finds himself saying the former, you are a beta male, meaning you don’t deserve to be even around a real woman. Why? Because a real woman deserves an alpha male who is calm, collective, and is not threatened by a woman who…

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4 Comments on “Why Real Sexy Women Lift!”

  1. SAM Says:

    Hello Felicia. I’m glad you liked my post. My blog is only 2 and half months old. I had gotten 17 followers in the first month and then it seems like I am not getting anymore. I am also having trouble gaining traffic. Could you share your secret with me. (I currently am linked with Google and Facebook) I would appreciate your reply. Thanks ~ SAM

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Hi Sam. I checked out your site. I liked it. Don’t worry so much about followers. I started this site intending to just write about what I love and the followers came naturally. My site (I hate the word blog and it isn’t a blog) is also three years old, so it is older than yours. I don’t link with Facebook so that’s not my secret.

      Secret ha?! Well…I think the fact that your site is all about fitness may limit your readership…sadly. You and I both know that the people with the heart it takes to practice fitness are few and far between. I guess if you can call the slight success of my virtual corner of the world a secret…I can let you in on it.

      I called it “my voyage through time” to keep my readership broad. At first, I contemplated having a genealogy/family history site, but quickly realized I have much more to say and create to satisfy my needs. I stagger the subject matter of my posts to spike and maintain interest. I also use my top “seller” strategically. I post sexy poems paired with sexy pictures, because I love it and hot things are popular. Lastly, most of my visitors are non WordPress users. Word of mouth/self promotion in the real world keeps me in business ;).

      Hope that helps Sam. Stay dedicated to your cause and the rest will come. Stay strong and keep it up in the gym too. Back day tomorrow for me!!! Yeayyyy…

      Hope this helps.

      • SAM Says:

        Thanks for your reply and yes it did help. I hope mine is that popular after 3 years also. I will try to make it a little broader but still staying true to Fitness.

        Thanks again,

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        Good idea! Incorporate food, supps, gym reviews, and maybe interview a few people from your gym to feature on your site!! Peeps love stories and muscles! ~~F

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