Brawn and Brains

Yesterday (it’s after midnight) was a very busy day off for me! I hit the gym early for a long chest workout and cardio. I felt good and strong in there today. From there, I hit Whole Foods.

Then I prepared for a presentation I made to Southwest History students at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. It is always good to be back on my old campus. The presentation focused on the use of primary source documents for research and of course…all things historically dark.

When I came home, I worked on the Hillerman Conference program. I must say it is polishing up nicely! I’m tired and ready for bed now. It has been a long, taxing day of brawn and brains.


~The great thing about text messages is fast feedback. I was glad to hear that the students found my presentation interesting.~


~Presentation at the SFUAD on 10.13.2014.~

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