San Diego, California

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We will be continuing the travel series, highlighting American cities and states, which we began on our former blog. You can find a summary of the progress of our great American road trip, thus far, here.

Introducing our guest travel blogger and State Department Virtual Student Foreign Service Intern, Hanna Bourne.

Hanna Bourne Hanna Bourne

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Hanna Bourne, born and raised on the Californian coast. I am an avid swimmer, hiker, and traveler. Whether it be cruising alongside the Pacific Highway, rafting through white water rapids, or hunting down the best curry in town, I am eager for adventure. While my wandering feet have taken me all over the United States, I have also had the pleasure of traveling abroad. Whether it be studying in Barcelona, visiting a friend in Stockholm, or saying hello to my Kiwi family outside of Auckland, I am happiest with a…

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