Becoming Poison Ivy: Toxic Lips

Tonight I continued working on my Poison Ivy cosplay. I did some bead work, fancied up my boots, made my poisoned scepter and created a custom, sparkly, green pigment for my lips. To make the pigment, I used powdered green eye shadow (nothing new for me…I use eye shadow on my lips everyday), sparkle cream, and glow in the dark cream. It didn’t glow in the dark as I had hoped, but I may continue a search for a good glow.


~My custom lip pigment~

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5 Comments on “Becoming Poison Ivy: Toxic Lips”

  1. Well, courtesy of you, a new word has entered my vocabulary: cosplay.

  2. Love the look! I’m known for my bright, usually shiny, lipstick when most people around me don’t wear any, so I love seeing someone else going all out!

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