October 25, 2014, 2:37pm
Headed to San Diego, CA from Albuquerque, NM (midflight)

There are some things which can be simultaneously exhilarating yet terrifying to the core. You know? The things which make you feel alive and maybe scared to die all at once? One of those things involves being trapped above the clouds in a strange cylindrical object until you reach your final destination. I wouldn’t say that I hate flying. It gets you from point A to point B much faster than driving. I could kiss each and every early pioneer in this industry. When you fly, you can watch and listen to people. It is an interestingly strange thing to do. Trusting metallic wings also makes you more aware of this great big world and flying can make you cower with the realization that we are really just vulnerable beings in the grand scheme of things.

Looking out the small windows of a 737 heading west, Albuquerque slowly shrank and then disappeared into the sunny distance. A cute little boy, maybe three years old, cheerfully said “goodbye Albuquerque.” I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last time I saw my home state from the clouds. I have faith. I know that the power of the heavens is always present, yet this thought still crossed my mind. Doesn’t everyone get nervous to fly? Maybe it simply means that we value life? I suppose that flying comes second nature to frequent flyers…business men and women and world travelers, but I don’t claim to be any of those things. I am just a small town woman who loves to learn. I’m making my way across the clouds toward the ocean to gain knowledge and smell salty air.

There are indeed some things which make us feel alive. Our feelings, whether they evoke goodness or darkness, confirm that we are thirsty mortals. Joy and pain, fear and fearlessness…they act as catalysts within us. I’m not scared to fly. I’m scared to die because I value my life. Before I left on this trip, my sister wanted to meet me. She is an auditor and years ago I had given her a small prayer on paper to take on a business trip. You know? To help keep her safe. She returned the prayer to me on Thursday along with a “Frozen” magnet. The magnet read… “sisters forever.” With the heavens on my side, I’ll most likely make it back just fine. If I don’t, I know that “forever” is engrained in the minds of those who matter to me and those who I matter to. I find comfort in that.

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5 Comments on “Flying”

  1. lordebayism Says:

    How this confirms the genuineness of my thoughts. We may complain from dawn till dusk, we don’t wanna die. Paradise is such a nice place, yet, nobody wanna die. Humans are mild. Those among them that pretend to be strong end up being oppressors of humanity, they wanna feel strong. Sister, you’ll not die, your feeling is normal for a human being. Even to those who fly often, that feeling isn’t a stranger. All is well.

  2. Flying doesn’t bother me at all…my favorite time…lift off. Love that.:) I just wish the planes were faster. LOL

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