Legal Roundtable: ARMA Live 2014


Legal Roundtable at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego, CA

Wow…it was so interesting to attend a roundtable where the majority of the attendees were attorneys. It was very enlightening to sit in on the perspective of 180 person and 500 person firms. 500 lawyers??? Yikes! They have a different perspective than I do, but it was interesting to listen to a room full of people from the private sector discuss the information governance issues they face. Here were some of the things discussed and that I noted.

1) Matter Mobility- challenge of cold callers (assisting them) these are people who cold call looking for records.

2) Actual Record Transfers- issues with large transfers, chains of command, electronic records transfers, data verification,
electronic and physical inventories,
issues with retaining associated metadata, the need for skilled records staff, problems with broad records requests.

3) Email Management- processes lawyers/legal staff do/don’t use to manage records, maintaining or starting a “technology committee,”
developing an audit process to uncover problems, email management policy development,
“chunking out” manageable amounts of a project to process
timely request with large volumes of data.

I found it crazy that one attorney suggested that we just “delete all emails because there is so much and we can’t find anything anyhow.” What??

I also found it crazy that one lawyer said “his firm implemented a policy which declares that any emails not properly filed after 60 days are automatically permanently deleted from the system.” What??

4) ESI
using analytics

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