Notes: Big Data Redefines RIM- New Threats, New Opportunities


Big Data Redefines RIM- New Threats, New Opportunities presented by Kon Leong, President and CEO, ZL Technlogies

ARMA Live Conference
San Diego Convention Center

A lot of buzz about big data analytics

Unified Data Management= 3 layers
Transaction Sources (shared files, IM, PST, ECM, Social Media, email, cloud data
Unified Archive
External Systems

Big data analytics for strategic advantage
There are already 4 ROIs to justify the archive— compliance, e-discovery, records management, e-storage

He says we need to return to the phrase “information management” versus “information governance” because the term governance is associated with risk

e-trash or e-treasure?

The need for RIM is from 0% to 100% retention

Skills needed in the future= eArchiving, eCompliance, eRIM, eDiscovery, eAnalytics

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