Deathly Cosplay


People have been asking me what I’m leaning toward for my next cosplay creation. Looks like I’m going to become Lady Death next year. I’m going to need white eyes, white hair, blood red lips, lots of pleather, chains, skulls and a scythe. She’s awesome!! I love her creator…Brian. Met him once at a comic con. It was either Lady Death or a female Spawn, but I’m leaning toward a deathly becoming!


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4 Comments on “Deathly Cosplay”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Lady Spawn would be cool. I am not a huge comic guy, but Spawn, along with Batman, and Spiderman (cuz I grew up with them) have always been Favorites. Enjoying the hell out of Gotham. I have seen some critic bashing but I am having fun with the series so far.

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