Home Sweat Home


~Workers install a new sign at Mandrills Gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico.~

Sunday was my first day back to my real gym after a trip to the ocean. There is nothing like working out in the city I love. On Sunday I slammed an aggressive chest/back workout. Though I was off my regular training schedule last week, I was glad I wasn’t set back one bit this week on strength. I like working out early in the day. When I got on the scale, I realized that my commitment to a relatively clean diet (with the exception of liquor) paid off. I didn’t eat any junk in San Diego. My body rewarded me with no scale tips. No…I’m not bulking!

Today was leg day and I squatted and hacked a plate like a champ. I even added a dime to my squat today. My goal is a plate and a quarter by the end of December. About 15 minutes into my leg workout, the power went out. It was funny to see several people quickly trickle out of the gym. Good excuse to bail I guess? Naw…the true blues stayed killing it in the dark. When killing it is second nature, you can do it with no light. You can do it with your eyes closed. You can do it in your sleep. I wasn’t surprised to see the handful of people I did who stayed to clank iron in the dark.

When I drove into the gym parking lot this morning, a new sign was going up. The workers measured and adjusted a big sign with the logo I have grown to love. It features an image of a powerful Mandrillus sphinx, the world’s largest monkey. Maybe I like the logo because it reminds me of training. Or…maybe I’m just an animal? While I stopped to take a picture, I thought… “It should say Home Sweat Home under Mandrills Gym.”

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