Completely Dedicated to My Passions

I can’t tell you how good it felt to hold the final, professionally printed program in my hands tonight. What a gratifying moment. I know it is going to be appreciated by the awesome community of writers and creative spirits I will be surrounded by for the next 4 days. I am really proud of myself. Why? Here are some of the reasons.

1) I have a full-time position in the archives, which I love…so I did this on my personal time. I worked countless hours. I stayed up until the crack of dawn on several nights for three months until my eyes felt like they would fall out of my head.

2) I was asked to design this after earning the professional respect of two amazing women over several years.

3) I completely mastered a new program in this process. You can call me an Adobe InDesign (desktop publishing) master now! I have now made the Adobe suite my biaaaa.

4) I designed most of the ads in this program. The full-page ad I designed for an author was secured for an oversized redesign for a major book tour by a PhD who was recently awarded the Hillerman Prize. It also secured a meeting with him in the next few days to discuss a potential design/promotional partnership.

5) I have proven that if you put money last and you follow your heart with selfless sacrifice, the rest will fall into place…eventually (if you stay positive and dedicated).

And lastly…

6) I made the deadlines!!!! The 2014 Tony Hillerman Writers Conference starts tomorrow. I will be the official photographer and I’ll document the conference on it’s 10th anniversary!


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