Highlights and Lowlight of the Day: THWC 2014 (Nov.7)

It was another busy day. So much went on. I met so many interesting people and learned a grip of things. Here are some of the highlights and the lowlight of yesterday.

Highlight: My friend Betsy presenting her new books. So touching. I love this beautiful, friendly, tough, yet sensitive woman of the law.

Highlight: The moment we purchased the .com web site for CB McKenzie. It was about 6:30pm. I’ll be working on his web site design in the coming months.


~Felicia & Kim secure a .com for author CB~

Lowlight: My number wasn’t drawn from the basket during the lottery. I wrote this piece for a Writing with the Stars critique. I was given 23, but we ran out of time. Looks like the lucky number of Jordan and James didn’t help! 😦


~Crime Fiction piece by Felicia Lujan~

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