Highlights of the Day: THWC 2014 (Nov.8)

Highlight: Hangin’ with two of my favorite woman of the law with a love of writing. It’s great to see Betsy and Sana every year at the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference.


~Betsy, Sana & Felicia~

Highlight: CB McKenzie (winner of the 2013 Hillerman Prize for best 1st mystery) giving me a free copy of his book with an autograph which read… “To our favorite person, Felicia.” Also~ seeing the oversized poster I designed for him up in the bookstore. He is a really nice, personable, funny man with a Ph.D. I’m sure it will be great working with him!


~CB McKenzie Stuff~

Highlight: Hangin’ with my friend and fellow team member with a Ph.D., Susan Waterman. She is an editor by profession. Susan is really in tune with nature and is such a special woman. I have enjoyed working with her over the past few years.


~Susan & Felicia~

Highlight: Chatting with John Fortunato before I knew he would be crowned the 2014 Hillerman Prize winner for best 1st mystery. Then…watching him get crowned while discovering he is also an FBI agent who formerly worked for the Gallup “Resident Agency.”


~John Fortunato (2014 Hillerman Prize Winner)~

Highlight: Sitting on a table at the keynote dinner with three amazingly smart women. The keynote speakers were New York Times best-selling author John Sandford and the infamous “father of Rambo” and thriller writer David Morrell. The women were impressive though. I shared a table with a mathematician (with NASA), a former news producer (for channel 7 in Los Angeles), and a former software engineer (for Los Alamos National Laboratory). All of them are writers.


~John Sandford & David Morrell~

Highlight: Realizing (yet agggggain) the power and value of what I was a part of for the last few days. I work for two amazing women...Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg. They are wonderful people. This is the full-page ad I designed for them because they deserved to be in the spotlight on the 10th anniversary of a great conference.


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