When Can I Workout?

It’s been a long while since my son has been going to the gym on Sundays to hang out. He decided he was sick of sitting there and asked me when he could workout in the gym. I told him he probably had to be 18, but he didn’t like my answer and insisted I ask the owner. Martin has known me for over a decade and a half. He owns Mandrills Gym here in Santa Fe.

Martin gave him the OK, so on Sundays after I get my workout in, I’ve been training my boy. He’s nine. The focus is on teaching him good, strict form. He can’t really lift weights until he gets older, but he uses the five pounders. He likes the Ab Solo machine. I have been showing him how to superset and keep track of reps. Here is a video I uploaded to my YouTube channel~ when we asked how old he had to be. It’s cute!


~~~"D" hittin' the floor on 11.9.2014.~~~

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