Don’t be Afraid to indulge your Muse

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Indulging your Muse means always having something to share with the  Creatives you meet throughout your life.  The more you engage your creativity, the more you grow. Move forward by creating goals.

Once your Goals are completed for the day, month or year  move the line of expectation for yourself.

I know you’re a little scared, just remember: Art will nourish your ability to be flexible

There are no mistakes in Art- only beauty hidden in our willingness to create, despite obstacles.

Even on a cloudy day the sun shines in the sky,  you just cant see it. Approach your creative life in the same way-work through the hard days, because you know good ones exist. Your Muse is the child-like curiosity inside of you, go explore with it every day.

Once we lose our willingness to explore, we lose ourselves. 

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” -Voltaire 

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