Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Tyler English’s 3 Keys to Success

Great tips!


Tyler English’s top 3 training tips for guys looking to get jacked:


Focus on the Big Movements

This isn’t something new, but all too often bodybuilders are given the stereotype of training simply for the pump. In the natural bodybuilding world we use those compound movements as the staple of all our strength training programs. Training for the pump is still something I love, but only after those big lifts have been hit hard.

Spend Time Training Heavy
For a natural bodybuilder training heavy, especially in the offseason, is how we grow, gain strength and continue to add more muscular density to our physique. This alone is a major reason why I’ve been able to hang with pro’s who have as much as 10 years muscular density on me.

Learn From a Bodybuilder
Bodybuilders are notorious for spending time training their “weak points” – so why not do the same?…

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