Healthy Dinner(s) Done Right

I’ve been making me some good food. Nothing but high protein for dinner. Good food is critical on leg day and essential to muscle growth! Sadly…not all women understand that muscle burns fat and fights osteoporosis, so you need muscle. If you have a partner who understands what it takes to build and keep muscle and supports your efforts, count your blessings! It’s rare!! Here is a look at what was in my favorite fish bowl for the last two nights. “Don’t cha” wish your wifey could cook like me??


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9 Comments on “Healthy Dinner(s) Done Right”

  1. mionsiog Says:

    Looks yummy. I love the bowls.
    Jose from Clarkston, Michigan

  2. JMC813 Says:

    You know the true meaning of healthy eats. Some of the best post workout recovery fare imaginable. Love the avocado with the salmon BTW. Not the most obvious flavor combo but those who know will attest to it’s deliciosity!!! Yes I make up words from time to time when the ACTUAL words don’t seem to do justice. LOL. Thanks for sharing F. Love the fish bowl too.

    • JMC813 Says:

      Just one more thing. Dish #2. Ever think about using brown rice steamed in a vegetable broth? A bit more flavor than whit rice and more nutritious as well. A good way to avoid white starches.

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        I use brown rice too. Never tried the broth, but that’s a good idea. I know brown rice is better, but I was craving white :/ sadly!! Hahaaaa

      • JMC813 Says:

        No worries. I like it sometimes too, but try to stay away from empty starches when possible. But sometimes the cravings get to drive the bus too. LOL. I like to do brown rice in either a vegetable broth or a beef broth. A lot of people don’t like the flavor of brown rice and this simple solution gives it a more palatable flavor. Be well friend.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Yeah…weird. I was craving salmon and avocado!! Hum?? I love made up words!! Those are the best ones! Ohhhh…yes. My precious bowls. Love them.

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