Deadpool Custom Shred

Check out the new shred I threw on this bad boy. My son and I picked up matching shirts today. I’m not wearing this one when I hit the gym tomorrow because I bought a brand new, smokin’ Nike outfit. I’ll wear my customized Deadpool tee shirt on Monday when I work chest. I guess it’s a tank top now ha?! This Marvel mercenary (as in mercenary the noun not mercenary the adjective) is awesome! I prefer when he’s wielding a sai.


~David Morrell signing an autograph for a fan at the 2014 Tony Hillerman Writers Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photograph by Felicia.~

It’s cool that I personally know David Morrell who writes for Marvel. It has been a pleasure to know him. Though he is known for creating “Rambo,” there is much more to him. Over the years, the Santa Fe based author has been a contributing writer for Captain America and most recently Wolverine and Spider-Man comic books. This year during the Hillerman Writers Conference I showed David my Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn cosplay pics and he gave them a thumbs up!

I just love David’s flexibility as an author! I have known him for several years. Not only is he the nicest, most down to earth author I have ever met, he was the first to tell me that Marilyn Monroe was a poet. A bombshell with brains?? Why I never! 😉 He was teaching a pop culture writing course at the time. He told me she was much deeper than people ever thought. That always stuck with me.


~Custom shred by Felicia.~

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One Comment on “Deadpool Custom Shred”

  1. dawnwink Says:

    Love all you write here about David Morell. Thanks so much for sharing this–and your great t-shirts!

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