An Upcoming Meeting with Pinkerton


~Santa Fe author Elaine Pinkerton~

Last week I was contacted by Elaine Pinkerton. She is an amazing woman. She reached out to me and wants me to come by her house to show her a few things. I am sincerely honored to have such an accomplished woman ask for my help! I’m going to give her some image and Adobe Photoshop pointers for her blog.

Elaine is a great woman to connect with. I met her through the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference. Turns out…she is a technical writer like me. She has published several books and is a fitness addict like me! I love it!! Mind and body! 🙂 Elaine worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory and the State of New Mexico like me! We have a lot of things in common it seems.

Can’t wait to set aside some time to meet with this lovely lady and get to know her better. She is involved in some writers groups I’m interested in. I have definitely made some wonderful connections over the last few years. These are connections which matter and are at the heart of where my heart lives…creativity.

Some of the books Elaine has authored and co-authored have included the following:

Santa Fe on Foot: Walking Running and Bicycling Routes in the City Different

The Santa Fe Trail by Bicycle: A Historic Adventure

The Goodbye Baby: A Diary About Adoption

From Calcutta with Love: The World War II Letters of Richard and Reva Beard

Santa Fe on Foot: Adventures in the City Different (Adventure Roads Travel)

Santa Fe Blogger

You can also check out Elaine’s blog.

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