The Wet Suit

Not long ago I was at the mall with my sis and saw this fine Nike suit that just called my name. I had the set in hand that day and my sis had a jacket, but we decided against purchasing the goods. I couldn’t resist and finally broke down with the cash to score me this workout outfit (which kinda looks like a wetsuit with neon accents).

I also got some new patent leather Under Armour gloves too. This gym swag was super expensive. Wayyy more than I normally like to spend. I will say that the outfit was worthy. I don’t just have swaggy gear though! I actually busted it in the gym today. It was deadlift day! This stretchy, tight, comfy outfit was perfect for that. Sadly…I’m a gym clothes junkie. I admit it. Is there an anonymous group for that?!



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2 Comments on “The Wet Suit”

  1. If there isn’t, you could start one, my friend:)

  2. Meghan Says:

    Love it! I love the neon accents on nike work out clothes!!

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