Glossy lips and
solid scripts. It’s a
fancy masquerade.
Glitter falls off
finger tips which is
what we all forbade.
Face to face
and eye to eye.
Glances shiver
up my spine.
Voices quake right
over stars. They say
that you are mine.
He said…she said…
this and that. What’s
meant is not unseen.
A mask can cover.
Let’s pretend and make
everything look clean.
Just make-believe
it isn’t good to trust
a swolen heart.
Deceive your mind.
You’re good at it. It’s
now become an art.
Laced with golden
dreams. Your touch
can speak. It whispers
through the wind.
Disguise yourself from
tenderness. Use your
mask before the
costume party ends.
Glossy lips and solid
scripts. It is our lovely
masquerade. Glittery
thoughts and precious
things is just what we

by Felicia Lujan
November 25, 2014

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9 Comments on “~★~Masquerade~★~”

  1. CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

    All I can say is wow. 🙂

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