Birthday Fun and Ping Pong


I had so much fun yesterday hanging with my family. It was a long day of messing around. The twinz were celebrating another year down the tubes and our oldest brother was visiting from Arizona. We started the day with breakfast at my favorite place. I met my mom and company at the Plaza Cafe Southside. I took this fabulous photo of a birthday cupcake and the special snow globe I gave my sister. I love to mess around and my brother got all embarrassed when I started belting out the birthday song.


In the afternoon, I headed down to Pojoaque for a get together at my dad’s house. It was a blast!! I got a lot of flack for not drinking, but I was indeed hell bent on a solid Sunday deadlift. Even though I didn’t drink anything, I had fun dancing and laughing until my stomach hurt. My sister was teasing me and said “and she isn’t even drinking!!” I had to pass around my phone to show off pics of my gainz to justify my liquor free stance! I felt like drinking, but fought off the urge for the sake of energy and strength in the gym today.


I spent the larger part of the evening watching some serious ping pong (drinking game) matches. There were “oooooooz” and “aahhhhz” and lots of yelling and chuckles. I’d say that was likely a first for my dad’s kitchen. Before we knew it, there balls in cups of fresh water and splashing into beer cups. It was an interesting night. My grandma listening to rap was also pretty funny. Hey…I’ll bet listening to Drake was a first for her too!?! Some “0 to 100″…”real quick” LoL.


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One Comment on “Birthday Fun and Ping Pong”

  1. What fun! Yay for you and your lovely family:)

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