Dreamcatcher by Felicia


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9 Comments on “Dreamcatcher by Felicia”

  1. CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

    I love the way the shadows play on her…well body. Thanks for sharing.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Thanks Curvy!! It’s a a digital metaphor. Hahaaa. I’m also a writer…so using an overlay technique, I put the shadow of dreamcatchers on her ass’ets. Ya know…He is catching or maybe clutching a dream 😉 thanks for the comment!

      • CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

        Felicia this is one way to show a beautiful Native American tradition. I love you blog because it seems you are not afraid to push the envelope.

        Keep it up!


      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        That is awesome! Yes…I’m actually an archivist. My career goes hand and hand with history. The pueblos here in New Mexico are very special. I have deep respect for native people. I know it doesn’t look like it, but my maternal line is HaploGroup A, which is Native American. My great grandmother had deep ties to San IIldefonso Pueblo as well. I do like pushing the envelope woman! Hahaha…..glad you can appreciate an outspoken woman! Check out my dreamcatcher feed. https://myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.com/?s=dreamcatcher – I’m not all about sexy pics. There is some smarts there too 😉 Imma follow you! ~~~F

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        P.S. I love that you call yourself curvy! I am too… All about that bass LoL. Hey…where you from?

      • CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

        I live in Texas but, I was born in Dominican Republic. And you my fellow bass lol?

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        Dominican eh? Awesome! I live in New Mexico. I’ll be in Austin next year for a conference! My brother calls everyone a bass LoL.

      • CurvyElvie aka Elvira Jorge Says:

        I’ve heard there is a very spiritual community in New Mexico. I live in Houston, but, I hear Austin is awesome.

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        Indeed there is. I have attended the Gathering for Mother Earth, which is amazing!! Check out this post. You will like it. It’s called The Spirit of Place. https://myvoyagethroughtime.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/the-spirit-of-place/

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