❄Bring the Heavens Down


~• Dr. Caitlin Snow or Crystal Frost better known as Killer Frost is part of the Secret Society of Super Villains. Cursed by the cold, encased by permafrost, she craves human heat. She can kill a man with one frost bitten kiss. In this image, the man she loves to hate...Firestorm is trapped beneath her in ice.•~


For you…my love…I summon the
snow to gently drape your mind.
Bring the heavens down at your
command to show that I am kind.


Just for you, I move the sky and
place crystals in your hand.
Thoughts are here to keep me warm
for the frost you couldn’t stand.


For you alone, I freeze the Earth,
my kingdom is made of ice.
A frosty kiss to freeze your lips…
a sultry sacrifice.


I offer you the sun, the moon,
though I know there’s only rain.
Icicles forced through tender
hearts to help you ease the pain.


For you…my love…I summon the
snow to beautify your favorite day.
Bringing heaven right down to your
feet with hope that you will stay.


by Felicia Lujan

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