Fitness Note Fiend


~Fitness Note Fiend~

I have always hated to see people carrying around notebooks in the gym. It seems like they mostly write (which I normally love) and don’t train. Maybe I rebel against paper there because my profession is infiltrated with paper? Maybe I just think it looks goofy, but as a highly organized Virgo, how can I not understand the need to record? How did I underestimate the necessity of capturing information which is critical to improvement?

I’m starting to realize I need a fitness notebook. This afternoon, I threw away about 20 post it notes with scribbles on them. They were all over my desk! The notes will not make sense to most, but they always make sense to me. I tossed the old ones and only kept three because I need them. One notes how and when to take creatine and glutamine for the best results. One is a list of what I hit this week…ending tomorrow with a trap/tri workout. The last note is to remind me to try a new movement. Tomorrow I’ll test a one armed, supinated grip tricep extension with dumbbells.

I have been far more serious about training then I ever have been. I have been training for a really long time, but I’ve changed. I have been listening to fitness podcasts while I work. I learn and use sticky notes to remember. I learned all about glutamine and creatine and why they shouldn’t be taken together. I learned about cluster training and paused reps a while back. Education is always key to progress. These are things I need to write down. What works. What doesn’t. I’ve also been playing with my workout routine, so it is good to document what I have done and what I plan to do.

Bodybuilding takes wayyyy more brains than people think. That I’ll tell you! I guess it’s time for a notebook. I will write it down after I train. I need every minute in there…every minute.

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2 Comments on “Fitness Note Fiend”

  1. thespia Says:

    I need to get back in the gym. I usually focus on just cardio, though.

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