An F’bomb in the Duke City

Today was a Duke City Roller Derby Mash Up Bout day! It was great to watch the Poinsettias take on the Snowflakes. I love to see women roughhouse, but this bout in Albuquerque was co-ed and that was interesting. The dudes did not go easy on the femz…matter of fact number 11, a team mate of our beloved Lotsa Ballz hit a Snowflake with all he had. She took it like a champ though. I was impressed. She got up like he hadn’t even phased her! It was an awesome bout!! It is good for women to play against men. It will get them stronger. Last time I was at a bout in Taos, I decided if I was ever a derby girl, I would run by the name “F’bomb.” F for Felicia. F like F’yeah. F like F’you. Hahaaaa



~Keeping my copy of the derby guide.~


~I threw on sum red today. 'Cept I didn't have red Jordans! 😦 Seeing red...mind bleeding all out. Plus...I was for the Pz! (Photo by Sibel)~



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2 Comments on “An F’bomb in the Duke City”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Derby chicks Kick Ass.

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