A Holiday Gathering

Met the work gang at Zia Diner after work for a mini Christmas party and birthday celebration. I eyeballed French fries on the menu and I kept thinking about how the lusciously divine treat was missing from the table. I didn’t order any, drooled just thinking about it, and I’m laying here *craving* french fries so much right now that it hurts. But I never eat french fries you say??? I know. I know. Can someone hand feed me fries please? It was a fun night…other than a steady craving for some deliciousiosity and all.


••Mmmmmmmm... Yeah. I really want some.••


••Lady Vader's Birthday Balloons••


••Andrew and Meghan- awwwe- I love these two.••


••I joked and asked if this could be our division's annual report photo. Left to right- Sib, Meghan, Jerry, Melis, Linda, Fabian, Jonah, Margaret, Gail, Me, Rach, Em, and Brit (not pictured Steve, Elijah and Andrew)••

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