King James Training Hard

Amen! Good God almighty…Take Me to Church! I adore this video for the newest wireless, Beats headset. The song by Hozier is symbolically perfect as well. You know? We must be religiously dedicated to the weights and greater things to see progress and change. I know I “worship like a dog” in the gym and it seems like James does too. I love how the camera pans in on his tats. Script always looks good on muscle (especially on the right, inner forearm of a man~and only a man).

Aside from doing pull ups, abs, tire flips, and incline presses, LeBron is doing one of my favorite isolation cable exercises for back right now! Matter a fact, I just did them today. Have you ever tried X Rows? They work great! I think it may be one of my favorite exercises right now. I identified this exercise a few months ago when I started addressing my target area. Want a bigger back? Check out the article on Muscle and Fitness~ 8 Best Cable Exercises for a Big Back. I’m not a typical female. Yes…I want a big back!

Of course…the fact that LeBron talks about training, sports and music going hand in hand is awesome too. I am absolutely addicted to music. I breathe music. In the full version of this commercial, LeBron’s momma welcomes him home and tells us to always remember where we came from. That version is longer and good too!

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