5150: Harley Quinn It Is


Well…I have heard from many people who told me I make a better Harley Quinn than Poison Ivy. Several have seen me in person in both outfits. Most all preferred me as a 5150, which is interesting. I guess I am a little loca? Sadly, Joker will be missing, but I may be accompanied by Deadpool!


•My poll results as of today•

I was leaning toward Poison Ivy cosplay for the 2015 ABQ ComicCon, but how can I deny Harley Quinn her rightful place? I liked both costumes I made, but Poison’s took me much longer, as did her makeup. I really took time on that one. This year, I’ll start on my costume early again.

My 2013 Harley Quinn cosplay was work appropriate, so today I decided on a wicked revamp. Instead of pants, I’m wearing a skirt with thigh high boots. Today I bought a mini or maybe a micro skirt with pinstripes, fishnet stockings, my hair dye, and an awesome bullet belt. I just made a custom collar to wear. I’m set!

Thanks for participating by voting for me!!


•Some things I scored today•


•My kitty rocks the collar I made to wear to ComicCon•

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3 Comments on “5150: Harley Quinn It Is”

  1. Have you ever considered making cosplay costumes to sell on eBay or Etsy? Yours are really well done and I’m sure you could make money doing it!

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      I haven’t!! I guess I never thought of that!! Great idea. You know how that is though? It takes so much work and people tend to be kinda frugal lol. Always thinking eh? Business minded is good!! 🙂

      • Thanks! People do indeed like to do things on the cheap, but I also know they will pay a lot to save them from doing the work themselves. Best of luck to you!

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