New Mural in ABQ NM by JISK27

I love all kinds of art. Years ago I put together a forum on murals in New Mexico. The research I did for that was interesting. There are several historic and contemporary murals here in Santa Fe. Sam Leyba is one of the best old school artists.

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Finished Work
This piece is located in ABQ, NM. Done with Aerosols.

Not knowing I was going to paint, I stopped by a wall that my homie Release was touching up after some disrespect, Someone had maliciously bombed over the mural he had recently painted. there were also some bombs and beef on the wall beside his piece, a wall that belonged to an empty storefront. Rel said I should just get down on it knowing that the wall needed to be repainted either way, it worked out perfect because I had my paint with me and ready to go. I figured if I was gonna paint something it better be a full production, make it look appealing enough for the next shop tenants to keep. Homie Dman got down on the bike shop next to the wall I was working on. there was also a piece from my homieā€¦

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