Sapiosexual: A Fetish for Intellect


It is good to be sexual, sensual beings. The science of human attraction is indeed intriguing. You know… pheromones, scents, body language? This can be stuff from the big screen like a muscular, shirtless Thor or a leather clad Fish Mooney with a sexy, evil smile, heels and long nails. At times, it’s odorless pheromones, the smell of sweat, or the seductive scent of perfumes and colognes? All these things can trigger reactive attraction in any normal man or woman. I am surely a fan of all of that, but there is much more to be said about the psychology of attraction.


~Digital composite by Felicia~

When I was in high school or even college, I have to say that I would have laughed if somebody called me a sapiosexual. It is a relatively new word and the etymology is not clear, still I know I am a sapiosexual. So what is a sapiosexual? In the simplest form, it is a person with a fetish for intelligence. Can I explain how my fetish has blossomed? I would assume that as my personal need for, and my interest in the consumption of knowledge has grown, so has my attraction to the same. I now find intelligence in both women and men equally attractive.


Some define a sapiosexual as “a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.” The word as an adjective versus a noun means “of, or relating to, finding intellectual stimulation sexually arousing.” I love smart people. Maybe years of being around scholars and like minded professionals has contributed to my admiration for the mind? I like to think so. I am a career driven woman after all. However, don’t let all my career driven, brain-e-ack adoring jibber jabber fool you… there are also smart people in my home away from home, the gym. Check out two PhD touting muscle heads I adore if you don’t believe me.

Those who are both physically and intellectually attractive are indeed blessed. It’s rare to be aesthetically pleasing in more than one way. I am not saying my attraction is tied to wit and wit alone. I will confess that more often than not, physical aesthetics comes first for me. Still, what use is a physically sexy person with no brains to back it? The pursuit of knowledge is in itself…sexy. Well hey…if you happen to be smart with a great set of shoulders and traps, a good smile, and nice hands, then consider those things physical perks to intellectual sexiness.


It’s true. I am getting older, but I really am getting better with age. The me I know today is much smarter and sexier than the me I knew way back when. My mind and body crave knowledge in all types of intriguing ways. It is so stimulating to partake in intellectual conversations. It is awesome to engage with knowledgeable individuals. It is refreshingly sexy for people to care for and be passionate about what they do and how they make a difference. Arousal by intellect is a completely different experience. It is a mature minded experience.

It is good to be sexual, sensual beings. Human attraction is scientific, but it is also psychological. For me, true seduction is much deeper than a great ass or ripped abs. These physical things trigger reactive attraction in most, but mature sexuality undoubtedly involves the mind. I know that now. Of course I can appreciate both, but this isn’t high school anymore. I’m proud to be a sapiosexual now. I appreciate my fetish for intelligence which compliments my personal need for, and my interest in the consumption of knowledge.


Tonight when I searched the internet for definitions of sapiosexual, I came across two very interesting things. One is a quote and the other was a test. My test results are below. I did take the test even though I was sure I was a sapiosexual. I was right…of course! I scored a 92% on the test. Funny that I couldn’t help but think of Stephen Hawking with regard to the one test question about being “much more likely” to “fall in love with a highly intelligent cripple, than a dull-minded athlete,” because I do love me some Hawking. I also love me some smart athletes. Even though Hawking is the bomb, I’m still *far* from sure about a “strongly agree” on that answer. Haha.

The quote by Kayar Silkenvoice read… “I am sapiosexual. I think geeks and nerds are sexy– I often want to rub my clit against their minds.”


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