YeaaaaYaaa: Moving⬆


♥••Buff Harley Q••♥

Yesterday I hit a personal best of 430 lbs. on the leg press. 430 lbs. falls two dimes short of 10 plates!! I hit that 2x for 10 reps!! I’m almost to 500 lbs.! I followed that with pause rep squats (to build power and strength) and I took those bad boyz low and slow. It was a good leg day. I’m working to get my squat up too! Since I leg pressed 430 lbs. for 10, my 1RM would easily be 450 lbs. (10 plates) or maybe more?


••My 1RM Score for Leg Press➡Women is currently 2.8••

I checked some strength calculators tonight and I’m above excellent on leg press. Nice! My 1RM score is currently 2.8!! Every time I added plates, I kept seeing the guy’s eyes on the leg press next to me get bigger. It was funny. He was pressing 4 plates total. To him I likely looked like a little nada with these short legs, but I am strong. I do want my strength to be universal. I’m focusing on being well rounded both physically and mentally. Call it athletically intellectual.

Today I listened to a perfect fitness podcast while I worked and it talked about so many good things. I love the Fit Cast. If you have a chance, listen to Episode 320: Ultimate Athleticism w/ Max Shank. It is an awesome listen! Imma work harder in 2015 than ever!! That’s a promise.

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