Inducing Strength: The Musical Drug

I’m ten minutes away from driving into the gym parking lot. The music is pushing through my overly used iPod connector, through my overly used car stereo, into my soon to be deaf ears, and then into my hell bent mind. Lucky the windows on my runner are tinted because anybody who saw me on my way to the gym would surely think I have lost it! This week, all I needed to hear from the time I left work until the time I left the gym floor was “All is Fair in Love and Brostep.” Skrillex did the trick…flipping me out…getting me loc…putting me into that fiery zone.


The zone. It’s that place where I become unapproachable. It’s the place where music makes chills course through my body and mind like one thousand steeds. I feel powerful and in complete control. I feel strong. I look angry, but it is the happiest time of my day. If there was a hidden camera in my vehicle, you could see me making tough faces and roaring to psych myself out for the iron. It works. I actually don’t need pre-workout supps. Only music. Tonight I discovered that it is indeed a biochemical reaction that I’ve been using to my advantage for years. The reactive chills make me push it harder.

For several years, scientists have published papers in scholarly journals such as Current Biology and Nature Neuroscience on this very topic. Why am I not surprised that there is science behind my reaction to sound? MasHerrero, Zatorre, Rodriguez-Fornells, Marco-Pallares, and Salimpoor have been studying the heck out of music. I wonder what they actually listen to? They are researching the effects of music on our bodies and minds. Their latest studies are reward based, but these researchers have actually documented and graphed how music can change us in mysteriously scientific ways!


The biochemical mechanisms at play (no pun intended) really trigger a curious high with a release of dopamine. Dopamine is the lovely neurotransmitter which is pleasure based and is associated with food, drugs and sexual arousal. Salimpoor says that “dopamine is important because it makes us want to repeat behaviors. It’s the reason why addictions exist, whether positive or negative.” No wonder I keep on wanting to bench press a car ha!? Haha… He also said “it’s not the music that is giving us the ‘rush.’ It’s the way we’re interpreting it.” I love music and can’t live without it!!

And so…I leave you with this tune that gets me super pumped. “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep” features the Ragga Twins. The song was produced by Skrillex and was written by Sonny Moore, Trevor Destouche and David Destouche. Pure awesomeness!!! It’s all about “da energy an de powa.” Turn it up and feel it!

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6 Comments on “Inducing Strength: The Musical Drug”

  1. olyjc Says:

    Great post. Would you mind sharing your favorite playlist as a followup to this post? I think it’s the prudent thing to do!😉

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Sure…you got it! That sounds fun and motivating! Hahaaa… Love me sum jamz. Any particular genres in mind? I listen to a grip of different things. What gets you going? I see you getting your squat on in your gravatar pic. What gets you zoned out?? ~~~F

      • olyjc Says:

        My music vary depending on my mood – meavy metal, classic rock, trance, rap (eminem), instrumental…sometimes just a sound of heavy weights is dufficient! 🙂

      • ~Felicia~ Says:

        Yes. Same here. When I get my follow-up list together of what’s turning me rabid these days, I’ll let you know!! I would love to hear just the iron if it weren’t for all the chit chatterz bullshitting about nonsense and wasting time lol. ~~~F

      • olyjc Says:

        Lol. Agreed!!

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