In Memory of Plitt


It is sad that one minute you can be on top and the next minute, you can be gone. Greg Plitt was at the top of his game, making an ad for his new protein shake when he was hit and killed by a train yesterday. He was born in Baltimore and lived in LA.

He had done so many things in the fitness world, but his most impressive credentials included being a retired United States Army Ranger. Plitt was a captain and company commander who was certified in airborne combat. He was also a fitness and weapons expert.

I thought this 2013 video was hauntingly telling of his sad fate. In the beginning Plitt speaks about death and being remembered. The footage is also filled with trains. 💪RIP Plitt~ I’m sure you gifted many with the hope and drive it takes to foster and sustain positive change. A large part of your contributions to the world of fitness will be immortal.

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One Comment on “In Memory of Plitt”

  1. Very sad. So sorry.

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