°°°Precious Pearls°°°


Why stay if you were meant to go? Just turn around and leave the sea. Holding the strand like precious pearls, yet they weren’t meant for me.

Why sit on shores to touch my soul when these scales you deny? Just find your ship and you can sail far away to sever any tie.

Why touch magic, taste my salty skin if you didn’t want to dream? Just disappear like a settling fog and on dry land you can be seen.

Why stay if you were meant to go? Just turn away and leave the sea. Don’t hold our strand like precious pearls if the value you can’t see.

by Felicia Lujan

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2 Comments on “°°°Precious Pearls°°°”

  1. JMC813 Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Very touching too I might add F. Love this.

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Thanks J. Isn’t that an awesome pic. I love the ocean and everything relative. Living in the desert makes the life filled body even more fascinating. Allusion…best friend to this poet! 🙂

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