J.E. …Where have you been?


I love how some of my favorite old school R&B and soul classics are coming back strong. They are older now, but sexy as ever and their unique talent I have missed. Jagged Edge is one group of men bringing it back and showing these young gunz what real sex music is all about. Their discography includes 8 releases since 1997 and of course I have every single one.

I picked up JE Heartbreak II last week and it is indeed hawwwwwt! Not a surprise. I love the twinz. Brandon and Brian Casey have a way of giving ears and bodies sugar laced tracks. From A Jagged Era (1997) to J.E. Heartbreak (2000) to Jagged Little Thrill (2001) to Hard (2003) to Jagged Edge (2006) to the Baby Making Project (2007) to The Remedy (2011) to J.E. Heartbreak II (2014), these guys have had me on lock. I didn’t realize they had a new release and was actually looking for D’Angelo’s new disc.

There are five tracks that I think are straight fire. My favorite track is “Love Come Down.” With lyrics like “I can’t control my hands love. ‘Cause every time that I’m around you girl my body goes bananas. It’s like it’s got a mind all of it’s own. So baby excuse my manners. I don’t know but you make me feel like an animal…” What’s not to love? This song runs a close first with “Wanna Be (Romeo).” Also smokin’ is “Make it Clear,” along with “Future” and “It’s Been You.”

I’ve really missed you J.E. I have been fiending for music like this. Welcome back!! 💗

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