Bicep Catchup💪


Last time I had a bicep flex photo taken, I noticed that my right bi was developing faster than my left. That’s one good reason to have photos taken. It makes it easier to spot problem areas and you can also document progress. In that photo, the imbalance was so obvious that I actually cropped my left arm out of the photo.

I’m happy to report that my left finally caught up to my right. It took nine months and lots of concentrating on that bi. I’m right handed. Maybe that’s why? I guess it’s actually a common problem? Just Google “one bicep bigger than the other” and you’ll see! I should have taken this photo after rack pulls this afternoon when I was pumped. This was this morning before the gym.

I’m happy I fixed this imbalance! I’ll try to keep growth even from now on. Next time I take pics, I’ll measure my biceps again.

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One Comment on “Bicep Catchup💪”

  1. mihrank Says:

    wow – powerful – great!!

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