Let It Snow and Let Me Grow



It was a snowy day in Santa Fe. There were accidents, roads closed and ice is forming as I type. Even in the ice, I have been keeping my promise to myself to stay focused. I continue to aggressively pursue the things I want both physically and intellectually. So if I’m keeping my promise to myself, do you think I got lazy and skipped the gym on a snow day? Not a chance! I have permanently erased excuses. Today I hit chest on my last day of the week and got an awesome sweat on. Yesterday I had an all day meeting, so I went for a run on my lunch.

Thomas Carlyle once said that “permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities…” distinguish “the strong soul from the weak.” Would you agree with that? I do. How can we grow in all ways if we refuse to push ourselves? I insist on being a distinguished, strong, smart woman and I will be treated as such!! It takes time to get there, but once you are there, I promise that there is absolutely no return. I am on a one way mission to greatness~ mind, body and soul. Maybe I always have been?

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