Golden Beats


I can’t explain a heaven like this. Every time I upgrade my headphones or my iPod, I think… “How in the hell did I ever survive without this?” I breathe music and so it was time to go wireless with a set of metallic “studio” goldz. I decided to go for the golden big boyz because I had a little cash saved up. They are soooo worth it!! So this is what true love feels like eh?!

Music paraphernalia and gym swag are necessary expenses because I literally use these things everyday. My purps still work, but they have taken a beating. It was hard with that damn wire in the way… You know the feeling when you yank your headphones right off in the middle of a rep because the cord gets caught?! Well~ if you don’t know, it sucks!

Three cheers for tomorrow. It will be a wireless, deadlift Sunday!! Yeayyyyy!!!


~Meme by Felicia~

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2 Comments on “Golden Beats”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Bah ha ha ha! This is SO true! I HATE it when the chord gets caught! I will be looking for smaller versions–I sweat, and I cannot imagine having this much on my ears! 🙂

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