Numbers and Motivation

OooooMmmmmmGggg!! Sandra seriously rocks! Unlike all my other WordPress friends, I actually know this strikingly funny, beautiful woman who secretly has a Ph.D.! She is my hero today!!! Body and mind baby! Hard work pays off. She is living proof! I miss seeing her smile in the archives. Sandra also introduced me to WordPress! Much love to her!

A Promise to Dad

Looking back at my totals a year ago January, I cannot believe the improvement I am seeing in my numbers:

By Jan 31, 2015 (Goal for Year)
Swimming Miles:  5.23 (60)
Cycling Miles:  140.81 (1250)
Running Miles:  20.26  (350)

By Jan 31, 2014
S:  4.74 (50)
B:  68.98 (750)
R:  1.75 (250)

Last year, I couldn’t run much due to plantar fasciitis and all of my rides were inside due to weather.  This year, I have done almost all of my rides outside.  Unless someone wants to send me a FatBike, most of February will likely be inside.

That’s 140 miles on my bike in January!  I was unbelievably proud of my 68 last year.  I may have to hop on my trainer today and pump out 9.19 miles just to hit 150.  If I can keep up the 15o mile per month pace this year, I should hit 1690…

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2 Comments on “Numbers and Motivation”

  1. Sandra Says:

    You are too kind! You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me! I will never forget the day that you learned about WordPress. You came over to me in the archives and said, “What are you doing, blogging or something?” And I said, “YUP!” You thought that was so funny! 🙂 Honestly, it was funny.

    Most of the folks that I’ve met at the archives are my predecessors, people I have admired my entire career that barely use computers, much less use twitter or FB for #TBT or anything else, for that matter! And here i was, blogging about being in the archive 🙂

    Love ya and miss you terribly! I’m applying next year for a Scholar’s Award. I have a story to tell you about someone we both know really well (and that I lost tremendous respect for recently). More on that soon!

  2. Sandra Says:

    FYI: Go to my contact page and pop me an email and I’ll tell you the story!

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