20 Ways to Tell if You’re a Certified Gym Rat

This is *my* personal list!!!
Indeed it is!!


1…If you know that fit rats rarely eat cheese.

2…When going to “the gym” becomes a state of mind and the world becomes your gym.

3…When you think 10771 is your social security number, but it’s actually your gym member number.

4…If you can squeeze a 700 rep leg workout into a 40 minute workout.

5…When the owner of your gym offers you a free locker and runs you a weekly tab for supplements.

6…When forgetting your lunch at home doesn’t happen and if it does, you’ll be pissed all day.


7…If you know “negative” doesn’t mean you have a bad attitude.

8…When all your gym swag (iPods, headphones, gloves, petabytes of mp3s and movs) become equity.

9…If all you want for your birthday is a bigger back.

10…When proper form becomes second nature.

11…When you can suck down five boiled egg whites gracefully.

12…When every body part is your favorite body part to kill.

13…If you know the difference between a killer set, giant set, super set, strip set and drop set.

14…If you know “fast twitch” doesn’t refer to something your eye does.

15…If you’re sure that “pump” doesn’t mean a stiletto.

16…If you can turn the paths around your building into a track and your office into a fitness center when necessary because you NEVER skip shoulders and traps.


••AWESOME!! Lenda Murray~ Former Ms. Olympia••

17…If you feel like you can channel Lenda Murray even if you’ll never be Ms. Olympia.

18…When you understand that eating more, not less of the right foods will yield results.

19…When you can add something else to this list.


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