It’s ‘Harley Quinn Month’, According To DC Comics, So What Does That Mean?

Of course it is. Why isn’t she reading 50 with The Hulk or maybe Batman? They both have abs like Grey. Plus… the Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special #1 (April 2015) features The Joker Batman bound and all kissed up. That’s more 50ish anyhow eh!?




Harley’s Joker as The Joker with Joker’s Harley as Harley Quinn. [via]

DC Comics has declared February to be “Harley Quinn Month”. They state the purpose is to “say goodbye to Cupid and his pesky, love-seeking arrows and say hello to the bubbly, yet dangerous hammer-wielding Joker devotee. After all, who else could better embody the crazy things we do for love better than Harley?” But we all know the real reason is to give her the shortest month of the year. OUTRAGE. I will fill the trunk of my car with two hundred and forty dollars worth of pudding and drive to wherever the hell DC Comics is and have words with them. (The pudding is for sustenance on the road trip. Also a metaphor.)

Anyway, here’s a bit from their press release:

To kick things off, DC is launching Harley Quinn’s own Facebook page and a…

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