It is a symbol, a sign of solitude to reflect on my insignificance. Yes. I see myself in this awesome poem by my fellow poet… J. The title of his poem is well suited to the piece. I have seen this picture before. I actually have it saved as I look at it from time to time because there were words added to the one I have. There the lion sits… alone on cold stone. A symbolic image was selected by this poet. But J… the lion sits silently as not even a pretty penny is worth his thoughts!!! Excellent poem my friend!!! ~~~Felicia



These quiet times cherished

Alone with my thoughts

To solve a world of concerns

Or to ponder insignificances

A price cannot be assigned

To the importance of solitude

An entire wholeness of being

At one with my surroundings

A penny for my thoughts?

Why, I could give you change

Sometimes my thoughtful look

Has absolutely nothing behind it

Treasured and rare my moments

Where the troubles of the world

Kneel before me in surrender

So I may meditate on their demise

A jungle full of hardships

Or a raging sea of monotony

Can be solved within this time

Of solitary thought and purpose

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