X the Suicide Grip


On Sunday I started teaching my son about two grip types while I was training him. I want him to develop solid habits since now. These lessons will stick with him for life. When I noticed he was using a suicide grip (aka false or thumbless grip) on the bench, I stopped him to explain why he shouldn’t. Obviously it doesn’t matter now, but when he gets older and he wants to go heavy, it will matter.

If you use a suicide grip, I would highly recommend that you stop. It is called a suicide grip for a reason. Yes. You could potentially die on the bench or seriously injure yourself if the weighs roll off your palms. Some people swear that the unsafe grip allows them to push more weight. It may put less stress on the shoulders, but it is a dangerous way to lift. This is especially true if you are going heavy.

When we got home my son asked more questions about what I told him. I asked him what he learned and then showed him this YouTube video about why you shouldn’t use the suicide grip. He thought is was scary and understood why I was teaching him how to properly hold the bar. He was on the Smith anyhow, but like I said…good habits since now!

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3 Comments on “X the Suicide Grip”

  1. I would definitely say the standard grip is safer than the suicide grip, as physics will tell you a triangle is the strongest shape. By forming a rectangle/square with your arms, there’s less leverage to protect yourself from dropping the bar on yourself, whereas with a triangular position you are able to put in more concentrated force in a more centralized point of force.

    I actually just got back into doing bench after I was out of the game for a while with a bad tricep injury on my left arm for a couple of years. 😀

    • ~Felicia~ Says:

      Ahhhhh…Hahaaa…sum close grips. That’s what you like? Works more trip too, so be careful with that injury C! I’m glad you got bk into it. That’s good. Injury sucks :/ what’s going on in the ghostly world?

      • I do go for the more angular grip, but not like hands in the center or anything – just a bit more like a triangle. Thankfully my injury is all healed (happened back in 2011), so I’m just dealing with an arm that’s just behind a bit. Starting low and working my way up. Not much at Ghostly – just got a Facebook page for it set up @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghostly-World/356601767844268?ref=hl Slowly trudging along to the 100,000 view mark – excited for that day. I’m about to start a webseries/web-novel western where each post is a chapter. Can’t wait to get that ball rolling.

        How’s MVTT doing? You definitely rock on getting posts out every day.

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