Dreaming in 3-D


•Close up of a gold tipped rose and a quote I love•

Today my agency lost a woman with a heart of gold. A little under two weeks ago, all the people who care about her started planning a going away party for her. She dedicated many years to our mission and really cared about our agency. The day the invitation was emailed, I began to wonder what sort of special gift I could give my friend. For many years, she served as a sort of metaphorical glue in our agency. I am sad she had to leave.


•Going away party for Antz on 3.12.2015•

That night I came home with Antz on my mind. When the lights went out, I laid quietly in bed thinking. All the things she has done for me and others over the years crossed my mind. I am indeed a thinker. It’s because I care. I closed my eyes and remembered all the reasons she is special to me. When I love someone, I will give my all for them… especially when they love me in return and actually show that they care.

In the late night hours, my dreams were vivid. They were 3-D. I could feel them. Those I love inspired me to dream that night. My dreams brought me the idea to create a 3-D heart out of roses. As soon as I woke up, I sketched the idea on paper. I’ve learned to keep a notebook close. Ten minutes after my eyes opened, I knew exactly what I needed to buy to bring my dream to life and I knew it would be called “Heart of Gold.” I must say…without a doubt…what I saw in my mind’s eye was birthed in the real world last night. At midnight I created one of most lovely flower arrangements in my history of floral design!  


•Gold tipping 36 red roses•

In November of 2003, the American Psychological Association published “The Dream Canvas” (Vol.34, No.10). The article by Tori DeAngelis posed the question… “are dreams a muse to the creative?” Even though research is still being done to connect creativity and dreams, I know it is true from personal experience. I frequently dream of creating things and can often solve real world problems while I sleep.

The article notes a famous musician, an author, and an artist who all believed in this phenomenon. There are many non-artsy people who also find dreaming useful to problem solving. DeAngelis said that “research shows that fantasy-prone people may have higher dream recall than others.” Ommmm….yeah. She also said that “people who use dreams for creative purposes naturally have greater access to the dream world than others” and it’s true!

What still needs to be accounted for with regard to the connection between creativity/problem solving and dreams? I think more research needs to be done into how inspiration and emotions actually motivate these dreams. I am one of those who needs no scientific research to believe in and understand this. For me, creativity comes in dreams. It is connected to love, hope, friendship, and endless possibilities.


•3-D Heart Floral Arrangement by Felicia•

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