Refuge: The Intricate Art of Valerie Rangel




On March 6, I went to the opening reception of “Refuge.” The exhibition was artistically engineered by my friend, the papercut artist, Valarie Rangel. Her most recent papercuts are featured in the Fogelson Library on the campus of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD), where Val also teaches. Her work is more than amazing and I would encourage people to explore the work of a talented woman. To read more about this fascinating papercut artists, you can visit her search feed on my web site.


“The viewer is invited to explore different realms of retreat by viewing the interwoven places of refuge within nature, while simultaneously exploring the inner sanctum of the mind and spirit through positive and negative cut imagery. Just as birds in nature retreat to places of shelter and protection when threatened or endangered, man flees into the haven of music, imagination, delusion, and love.

The intent of this installation is to give an experience of looking out from the inner refuge of the animal kingdom as well as explore the dominion of human emotions in a discourse of private asylum, introspection, visiting static and dynamic, illuminated, and shadowy places of retreat.”

~~~~Valerie Rangel


Visit Val’s Facebook page to see more of her amazing creations!!

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