Congratulations Alicia!

“The nurses were all
angels in my eyes.”
~~~~~Randy Castillo

Yesterday I went to Albuquerque to attend a Pinning Ceremony for the 2014 Pima Medical Institute graduates. The ceremony honors the newest people entering the nursing profession. My brother’s girlfriend has worked so hard and we are all very proud of her. Alicia literally spent thousands of hours studying and working. I can even recall one night last summer…she studied while we were night fishing (see Night Prowl).

I was also proud of my brother for making sure she would feel special yesterday. He had me make her a handheld arrangement of two dozen roses. He insisted that the arrangement featured Stargazer Lilies because she loves them. I took the time to hand glue jewels to the base for a sparkly touch. She looked so beautiful holding it and the ceremony was very touching. Congratulations to a woman with the tenacity to make it through!


•Alicia & Thomas•


•Alicia, Thomas, Isaiah & Ryan•


•The Pinning/Candle Ceremony•


•The flowers I made for Alicia from my brother•


•Alicia with her Dad, Sister & Son•


•Alicia with Our Family•

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2 Comments on “Congratulations Alicia!”

  1. mihrank Says:

    congratulations and best wishes – Bravo!

  2. […] weekend when I was at Alicia’s graduation, one of the graduates had this tat on the back of her leg. It was weird. I’ve never seen […]

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