Veins: A Badge of Dedication


Over the last year, I have been seeing improvements in my vascularity. Yes. I’m a woman and most things you will read about vascularity will tell you women don’t, or maybe shouldn’t want this. Well… More often than not, it seems that I am far from what people think a woman should be. Maybe I don’t fit the mold? Maybe I’m making my own mold, but I like that. Vascularity basically means you have highly visible veins. Mine aren’t highly visible yet, but they are surely surfacing.

I don’t want to have crazy veins, but I think becoming more vascular confirms that I am slowly disintegrating the layer of fat covering my muscles. A few months ago, I started popping a small vein in my right front delt (a-chain) while training. It may have been one of the happiest days in my life. Seriously. I love that an article on SpotMeBro says “seeing a vein pop out of an arm or shoulder is a silent moment of pride.” Indeed it is.

There are many things which can affect how vascular we are. I don’t know how much my veins will eventually protrude, but hopefully I will see a few more! Tonight I took pics of my inner forearms because my veins are becoming more visible (I love you reverse curls). I’m always disappointed by what my HD camera can’t capture compared to the human eye… because they look better in person. These are night time (at rest) pics. Naturally, my veins are way more visible when I’m pumped.

I am proud of my small vascular improvements. This means I am decreasing my body fat. This means I am getting a little bit leaner. Yes. I’m a woman. Yes. I do want highly visible veins. Call visible veins a badge… declaring my dedication in the gym. Call them a topical trophy… meant to honor my gains. Why wouldn’t a woman who loves iron want them??

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One Comment on “Veins: A Badge of Dedication”

  1. Vascularity is just a sign of a fit person with little body fat. Congrats! 🙂

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