Mr. Grey


Liven your world
with shades of red.
Taste paint dripping
off your lips.
Oh… Mr. Grey…
mind, body, soul.
Close your eyes
and touch my hips.

Splash monochrome
with glittered streaks
of ecstasy and me.
Some blue, some
green and yellow
too… rainbows will
set you free.

Mr. Grey… Now
wrap your mouth
around a cotton
candied finger tip.
Pink and sweet.
A special treat to
set your mind
on steady trip.

Color your soul
of shaded grey.
Use my body as
the brush. It’s a
masterpiece that
you will seek and
an artist shouldn’t

Liven your world
with vibrant reds.
Taste me dripping
off your lips.
Yes… Mr. Grey…
mind, body, soul.
Open your eyes
and take my hips.

by Felicia Lujan

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