Sum Furious Fun


•••R.I.P. Paul Walker♥~ A final kiss from me to you!•••

Today we took my nephew to Albuquerque for the day to celebrate. Tomorrow is a very special day for him. We did so much stuff today and I actually skipped the gym to pig out all day! Unbelievable!!! God forgive me for the serious loss of gains! I’m sorry shoulders and traps! I’ll make it up to you on Sunday!! Seriously… I’m so sick right now, but it was fun!


•••IMAX in ABQ•••

We went to go see Furious 7 at the IMAX theater. It was such an awesome flick! From hot cars to hot peeps to hot guns (metal & flesh) to hot scenes to laughs to nail biting to tears… the movie was smoking! It was an all-star cast. I found myself wondering who had the most kick ass game face? Was it Vin Diesel or Jason Statham or Michelle Rodriguez or Ronda Rousey or “The Rock” or Tony Jaa or Djimon Hounsou? They were all good! I also love me some musically inclined peeps… like Tyrese and Ludacris and Iggy! The tribute to Paul Walker at the end was very touching. “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa x Charlie Puth was a perfect song.


•••Red Lykan HyperSport•••

The cars is this flick rocked!!! The red Lykan HyperSport can go zero to 60 in under 3 seconds and can hit 240!! There are only 7 in the world. This one is worth close to 2 milly and a half with white gold, diamond and sapphire laced headlights. Then there was a white Bugatti Veyron! OMG… true love. There was a Dodge Charger from the 70s, an Aston Martin DB9, a Maximus Ultra-Charger, a Dodge Challenger R/T, a Plymouth ‘Cuda, and a brand new armored Jeep Wrangler.



•••Friends from Los Lunas lol•••

After the movies we hit the Japanese Kitchen and that was the bomb and there were Sake Bombs! It was super delish! I love that place. Today I ate: a tortilla burger and French fries (at El Parasol); popcorn, cherry/Coke slush, Oreo Churros, mozzarella sticks, Red Vines, Raisinettes (at IMAX); New York Strip steak, shrimp, fried rice and veggies, veggie tempura, soup, salad, egg rolls (at Japanese Kitchen); and a cherry jubilee sunday (at Baskin Robins). Never again LoL~ even though it was fun!


•••♥D & I♥•••

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